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LADO PETRA Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub, 16oz. All Natural Skin Body Scrub with Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Aloe Vera Juice to Exfoliate, Moisturize...

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♥ The pink salt scrub comes in a sealed bag of 16oz that has a zipper-like closure so that your Salt Scrub will stay fresh and it won’t create a mess if it falls. The 16oz are enough to use 10-20 times,♥ Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Scrub is pure and natural body scrub with high quality salt for its maximum nutrient profile including magnesium, copper, calcium, potassium, & iron; no harmful chemicals; for women, men and all skin types,♥ Himalayan Crystal Salt Scrubber is known to help detoxify the body and help improve hydration. Using salt scrub or body scrub is increase circulation, assist in the rejuvenation of your cells, leaving not only your skin revived, but your mind, body and spirit refreshed as well,♥ The body scrub exfoliator has the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. It can be used as a face scrub, lip scrub, body exfoliator, hand scrub, foot scrub, acne scar treatment and more,♥ 100% Customer Satisfaction, 100% Money-Back Guaranteed

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