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LootHoot's way forward after Amazon's incentivized review policy chang

On Monday, October 3rd, 2016, Amazon announced that they will no longer permit the provision of free or discounted products in exchange for reviews, unless through the Amazon Vine program.

For now, this only applies to the US market, therefore if you are located anywhere else, it is business as usual!

So how has this affected what we do on LootHoot US going forward?

Adherence with Amazon Policy

As we have always done in the past, our members can be assured that LootHoot processes continue to fully adhere to Amazon’s policies and by using LootHoot as an Amazon Seller or Customer, you can be confident you will not be in violation of Amazon policies.

Continue as normal, with a twist using LootHoot!

LootHoot continues to be a place where Amazon Sellers list their discounted products.  The promo codes sellers supply to us are given out, as normal, when LootHoot deals are grabbed by our members. 

Here’s where it has beome different:

As a member grabbing deals from LootHoot, any Amazon reviews that are written for these products will be left as a matter of free choice and completely without obligation to do so. 

It is important to note:

  • There is nothing in any Amazon policy that says that sellers cannot sell their products at a discounted rate to Amazon Customers. If Amazon had wanted to stop this, they would have stopped allowing sellers to create promo codes. Discounting products is a basic and important marketing option for any business owner.  Amazon doesn’t care if sellers discount their products all day long, providing they do not use them as an incentive in exchange for Amazon reviews.

  • Amazon still wants customers to review the products sold on their site, as this is an essential part of their continued business success. Therefore, if Amazon Customers want to review a product they have bought on Amazon (whether it is discounted or full price), it is totally up to them.

  • Amazon members are no longer allowed to participate in an agreement where they give or receive a product in exchange for leaving a review on Amazon. If they do, we believe, this is what could put their Amazon seller or review privileges in jeopardy!

  • On LootHoot, since members are not receiving products in exchange for a review, they are no longer required to include a disclaimer in any reviews they choose to leave for the products grabbed.

  • As with regular Amazon purchases, sellers are free to follow up with customers to politely ask for a review. Regardless, it is still our member’s choice whether they leave a review or not.

So what happens right now?

Continue to grabb LootHoot deals! If LootHoot members have products they grabbed and have not left a review, remember:

  • Members are no longer obliged to leave a review.

  • If members still wish to leave a review, it is completely their choice, although we do know our sellers would certainly appreciate it! 

  • If members choose to leave a review, the disclaimer does not need to be included, since they are no longer receiving the product as part of an agreement to leave a review. 


DaveL · 2 years ago

Much clearer. U.K. Reviews not affected t present but I think it will come soon! I review most items I buy wether discounted or not. Nice to know sellers will continue to reward this behaviour.

L'acheteur · 2 years ago

Thank you for the clarification. Blessings, habb55

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