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How to Sell Products on Amazon and Succeed

Did you know you can sell your products on Amazon from anywhere in the world?  Well, yes you probably do and that is why you are here.

If you are from China you can sell your products on Amazon.com as easily as if you lived in the United States. For example, we have many Chinese sellers, selling their products in most of Amazon's marketplaces; Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, Amazon.ca,... but you get the point.

Sellers who use LootHoot are able to take advantage of promoting their products to our Members, and we have members from every country that Amazon has a marketplace in. So if you need to promote, increase sales, and get Amazon reviews for your products in any Amazon marketplace then you should use LootHoot.

LootHoot has thousands of Amazon Sellers just like you. Our sellers are Global! They come from Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North America, you name it. And one thing they all have in common is they are promoting their products and beating out their competition on Amazon. 


How to beat the competition selling the same or similar products on Amazon?


Amazon is an extremely competitive marketplace for sellers. You put so much effort into finding the right product to sell on Amazon.  At first, there are little to no sellers, selling the same product but you will soon find that same product will start appearing on Amazon. Many of these new products will try to reduce their price to beat out your product...and before you know it you have a price war. This can eat away at your profits to the point you are no longer making a dime!

So how can you stop this bleeding? You need product reviews to separate your product from the others and you need sales volume; it is that simple. 

Did you know online shoppers are 90% more likely to purchase a product with product reviews from other purchasers than the exact same product without any reviews?

Amazon shoppers much less likely to risk their money on a competitors product that is unproven. It is no surprise that this is also what our sellers tell us time and again.  Our sellers know that to stay successful they need their products to stand out from the others, and they do they by using LootHoot to get them a dramatic increase in sales volume and Amazon product reviews from "Real" customers. Sellers who promote their Amazon products on LootHoot get access to our 40,000+ member base; plus our members come from every single Amazon marketplace and not just Amazon.com.

Successful Amazon ReviewExample of a convincing Amazon Review left by a real LootHoot member


Did you know that Amazon will display your product higher in their search results as well as display it as an alternative option on your competition's product listings based on your product's sale volume? This important to know and work with to make your Amazon product stand out from the others. 

So, by simply listing your product on LootHoot for FREE and especially by using our richer featured service, you will increase your sales volume on Amazon and get more reviews on your Amazon product listing.

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