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How To Promote Your Product On Amazon With More Sales & Reviews

Selling your products and promoting your brand on Amazon can be tough. With the sheer amount of products on Amazon, it can be very difficult to make even a good product stand out and get sales. In this post, I'll cover some different options you can use in combination to increase your Amazon product sales, make your product stand out from the others, and to appear higher up in the Amazon search results. 

Briefly, here are the top options you can take advantage of to promote your product.

  1. Get more Amazon reviews for your product.
  2. Dramatically boost sales.
  3. Improve your Amazon product listing
  4. Consider sponsored Amazon ads.

"Get more Amazon reviews for your product" & "Dramatically boost sales" go hand-in-hand, which I'll explain shortly. "Improve your Amazon listing" is often overlooked by new sellers, but this won't cost you a dime and will help promote your product on Amazon. Finally, "Consider sponsored Amazon ads", which is optional and will cost you but can get more eyes on your product listing quickly.

#1 - Get More Amazon Reviews for your Product

 Getting Amazon reviews for your product is the best way to kickstart your product's future success on Amazon. A lack of quality Amazon product reviews will not convince very many shoppers to buy your product, especially when there are dozens of similar items they can choose instead. As well, without reviews customers have only your product descriptions to help them make a buying decision and unfortunately this is not enough.

I don't want to jump ahead to the "Improve your Amazon listing" point, BUT, no matter how good your product listing, description, and images look, potential customers view all of this as biased and unsubstantiated. You will NEED reviews to validate to potential customers that your description and images are reasonable and correct. No reviews on your product leads to a lack of confidence in your products and reluctance to purchase.

So how do I get reviews? Well, you can wait it out for a long time before you organically get reviews on Amazon. Only Amazon has the exact percentage of sales that end up leaving a review, however as an Amazon seller myself I found that for every twenty sales I get only one review; 5% of Amazon customers leave a review ouch!! If you want to wait for reviews to come then, it could take months to get enough reviews to increase the popularity of your product. Another option is to accelerate this process, and LootHoot can help you with this.

So how do I get reviews fast? LootHoot provides this service for you. How it works is simple; you create an account on LootHoot, then list your product for our 40,000 members to grab. Our members who are also Amazon customers will purchase your product, try it out, and then leave a review on Amazon. We have members from each Amazon marketplace so don't worry; we can help promote your product on Amazon.cn, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.in, Amazon.ca, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, Amazon.es, and all the rest including of course Amazon.com. On October 3rd, 2016, Amazon changed their Review Guidelines towards incentivised reviews on Amazon.com (none of the other marketplaces), so deals on the Amazon.com marketplace still get reviews, but we can no longer incentivize or enforce a member does so. Anyway, this hasn't changed much since the reviews still continue regardless.

#2 - Dramatically Boost Sales

This is easy...if you use LootHoot as I talked about in the last point, and by offering your product to our members, your sales will skyrocket. So why do you want to do this? It's simple and here are three reasons you want to boost your sales:

  1. Amazon promotes winner products, and by outselling the competition, your product will display higher up in Amazon's search engine results.
  2. More sales = more sales :)
  3. Once a product becomes more popular, then it could likely become a "Comparison Product" on the competition's product listings.

By boosting sales, the product will have a booster rocket strapped to it, lifting it up into the eyes of Amazon customers. This is a viciously awesome circle if you can keep those sales high then customers will start buying your product more and more, all the while you get a flood of sales and reviews. So, yes, list your deal on LootHoot to boost those Amazon sales!!

Amazon Product CompareExample of Amazon products compared on a competitor's Amazon Product Listing


#3 - Improve Your Amazon Product Listing

Let's just create a checklist for this and make sure your Amazon product listing meets or exceeds the following:


  • Make sure you add at least two, but you should add as many images allowed on your listing.
  • If your product contains more than one item in the packaging, include pictures of all the contents the customer will receive
  • Amazon requires your images are on a white background. They don't really enforce this from my experience, but if all your images are not on a white background, you could be in trouble.
  • Read and follow Amazon's Product Image Standards

Product Title

  • Amazon allows you 200 characters in your product title, use it.
  • Make sure the start of your title completely describes what your product is. This should be clean and easy to read so your customers can quickly scan your product in the search results and understand it.
  • All the remaining space in your product title should contain important points of the product. This will help it rank higher in the Amazon search engine results.
  • Have a look at some successful products and make sure your title takes advantage of the 200 characters just like these products.

Product Description

  • Amazon says you can't use HTML on your listing. Again, in my experience, they don't enforce this. I have used some basic HTML formatting such as bulleted lists where appropriate, or some bold text, so it stands out.
  • Golden rule! Any seller can highjack your listing and list the same/or similar product against it. Yes, your hard work can all of a sudden be piggybacking other sellers to success. Unless you have a trademark or recognizable brand, there is nothing Amazon will do when this happens. This has happened to me many times and each time I contacted Amazon they told me; "You don't own the listing, we do, so deal with it." So what can I do?
    • Make sure you are completely transparent about your product and describe it in nauseatingly verbose detail. This way if you get a rotten seller selling their product on your listing, but the product is not the same, you can bust them. This way you may have a chance getting them removed once you get some pissed customers who say the item is not as described.
  • Now look closely at the Amazon Product Detail Page Rules


#4 - Consider Sponsored Amazon Ads for you Product

 Sponsored ads are no different than the paid for ads you see at the top of your Google search results except the search engine is Amazon products sought by customers. The first thing you need to know is these can be very expensive. I'm talking $1 a click expensive in some cases. I ran a very modest campaign that within a week cost over $125, take a look.

Amazon Sponsored Ad Campaign CostHere's the cost of an Amazon sponsored ad campaign I ran for about a week.


The cost of this campaign could have been a lot higher if you pay the "cost per click" Amazon suggests. You can see I received 128 clicks and to get these clicks I had to spend $125.51 which is 0.98 cents a click!!!

During this campaign, I only received $139.93 in sales with Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) of 90%. This is just Spend divided by Sales and can be used to gauge the success of your campaign.

This campaign was run a couple of years ago with a product that had no reviews and therefore wasn't attractive enough to become successful. I urge you to get some reviews first and use LootHoot's services to get you more sales too before you spend money on sponsored ads. If your product does not have reviews yet then you are paying for clicks to your listing however the likelihood of converting the customer to buy is very low, as we talked about in the first point.

How these sponsored ads work is you set a daily budget, let's say $25. Then you enter the keywords you want to trigger your product to display when a customer uses those keywords. For example, look at the image below, and you will see some keywords I used for a wireless mouse. You'll also notice what Amazon recommends you pay to have your product list higher. I didn't go as high as that, so my product likely appeared below other sponsored products for the same searched keywords.

Amazon Sponsored Ad Keyword bidsHere's a snapshot of some of the keywords I wanted my product to appear under.


Before you know it you will start getting sales however my conversion rate of actual sales for this campaign was less than ten items. So out of those 128 clicks, I only got about eight products sold. Not very good but I made the mistake of not getting reviews first. If I had then, those customers who clicked and looked at the item would have been more likely to have purchased it.  

I recommend you only consider a sponsored ad campaign after you have at least six reviews but ideally 15 -20 reviews would help make your product very attractive to potential buyers. 


In conclusion

Make sure you:

  1. Get your product listing into shape, great pictures, thorough description, and a very descriptive title.
  2. Get reviews & sales by using our 40,000+ members. Just sign-up and create your first LootHoot deal today!
  3. (optional) Consider Amazon sponsored ads only after you have at least six reviews. 

Good Luck & Happy Selling!

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