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Amazon Incentivised Review Guidelines - Changes for Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, & Amazon.co.uk

Most of us have heard about Amazon's new Incentivised Review Changes back in early October. Well, it started with Amazon.com then moved to Canada (Amazon.ca), and just this week it was rolled out to Britain (Amazon.co.uk).

How LootHoot Works with these new Amazon Guidelines

  1. LootHoot no longer tracks or collects our members Amazon Profile ID who come from these marketplaces.
  2. We do not provide benefits or remove them based on if /if not a member reviews.
  3. Finally, unlike some other review sites, we do not allow sellers to pick the members who grab their deals or have any knowledge of who grabbed their deals.

Why are we mentioning this? If you read our previous post, Amazon is contacting sellers who use review services that do not meet these points. We want all of our members to feel confident that using LootHoot is a safe option for both sellers and customers who grab their deals.


To our Sellers

  • Make sure you only use methods and services that follow Amazon's Incentivised Review Guidelines, failure to do so may result in the warning email described in our previous post.
  • We work hard to promote your product to all our members. You can always use our Free service or upgrade to a paid deal which gives you email follow-ups to help convert customers into reviewers.
  • We will always stay aligned with the guidelines Amazon puts out. We take your business seriously so you can sell and promote your products safely.

To our Members

  • Just continue grabbing deals, we do not enforce reviews, but you certainly can, and we hope you still do.
  • Since our deals are not incentivised, i.e., we do not give anything on the basis of getting a review, feel free to review just like you would any other product you buy online.

For more details read our Help Article on these changes

Now grab some deals! 

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